HBO’s “The Gilded Age” Adds Prominent Names to Season Three Cast

The Gilded Age

HBO’s period drama “The Gilded Age” has added four prominent names to its cast for the upcoming third season. Phylicia Rashad, Jordan Donica, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Victoria Clark join the series, which was renewed in December following the conclusion of its second season.

Set during a period of significant economic change in America, the show explores the societal shifts and repercussions that followed. Rashad will portray Elizabeth Kirkland, a woman from a historically significant family in Newport, known for her unwavering commitment to her elite social group’s standards. Mitchell takes on the role of Frederick Kirkland, the patriarch of the Kirkland family and a prominent community figure as a pastor.

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Donica will play Dr. William Kirkland, a kind doctor from the same prominent family, who stands out for his progressive views compared to his older peers. Clark, on the other hand, will portray Joan Carlton, a genial member of New York’s old money society, who finds herself in a challenging situation.

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The third season of “The Gilded Age” will continue to explore the complex dynamics of New York’s high society, navigating the aftermath of the old guard’s disposal. The series boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Carrie Coon, Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, Morgan Spector, and Nathan Lane.

The original series, which aired its second season finale in December 2023, depicted the upheaval of the old guard, leaving New York society to navigate uncharted territory.

Stay tuned for the season three premiere date announcement.

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