Holidaying in the 70s: Wish You Were Here Part 2 (Channel 5 Tuesday 14 May 2024)

Channel 5

This second and final episode of Holidaying in the 70s takes off with a look at the 70s travel revolution, as the jumbo jet era sees Brits venturing further afield than ever before.

We hear the story of Freddy Laker, the maverick who promised the world for a fiver, and how his cut-price flights took off and eventually crashed. Meanwhile, Tony Walker’s backpacking adventures led to the creation of a travel guide empire, Lonely Planet.

The rise of the interrailer and the ski bunny are also explored, with the latter enjoying the delights of ‘apres-ski’. Our retro plane passengers experience the novelty of in-flight entertainment and the frustration of limited luggage space.

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In our recreated 70s travel agent’s, genuine brochures reveal the exotic deals of the time, while our coach travellers endure a long-haul trip without today’s mod cons. We also recall the suspense of waiting for holiday snaps, only seeing them once the film was developed back home—a far cry from today’s instant smartphone snaps!

The experts also reminisce about the joys of 70s duty-free, and how joining the EEC meant even more bargains for Brits. There is also a look at the rise of cruises and the often-tacky souvenirs that made it back through customs.

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So, buckle up and prepare for take-off and relive the highs and lows of holidaying in the swinging 70s!

The episode airs Tuesday 14 May, 9-10 pm on Channel 5.

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