Hollyoaks Expands Global Reach with International Streaming Release


The popular British soap opera Hollyoaks has made a groundbreaking move, becoming the first UK soap to release full episodes on YouTube for worldwide streaming. This bold step allows fans across the globe to tune in and follow the dramatic storylines that have made the show a favourite among viewers.

With this international launch, viewers outside the UK will now be able to access daily episodes on the official Hollyoaks YouTube channel, one week after their original broadcast on Channel 4. The show’s digital-first strategy has already proven successful in the UK, with a significant increase in streaming views and a thriving social media presence.

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Recent viewing figures reveal an impressive growth of nearly 40% year-on-year in streaming views per episode in the first quarter of 2024. The show’s youth-oriented content has particularly resonated with younger audiences, as evidenced by a 350% increase in views on Snapchat and an 116% uptick on TikTok.

The show’s availability on YouTube in the UK and Ireland alone resulted in 5.8 million minutes of watch time in Q1 2024, with 67% of these views coming from the coveted 13-34 age demographic.

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As Hollyoaks expands its international reach, viewers in other territories will now have the opportunity to discover the award-winning drama that has been captivating audiences since 1995.

The show’s producers, Lime Pictures, part of All3Media, previously made the show available on the American streaming platform Hulu. However, this new YouTube initiative will bring Hollyoaks to a wider global audience, introducing new fans to its unique blend of daring issue-led storylines and strong characters.

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