Home and Away, 10 April 2024, Channel 5, “Episode 8203”

Home and Away

In today’s episode of Home and Away, airing on Channel 5 on Wednesday 10 April, secrets and crushes take centre stage as the residents of Summer Bay navigate love and deception.

Mackenzie and Levi, caught in a secret affair, enjoy a private rendezvous after convincing Mali and Tane to give them space. However, their joy is short-lived when Mackenzie discovers that Levi is still intimate with his wife, a reminder of the complicated nature of their relationship. Despite their agreement to enter the affair with open eyes, Mackenzie can’t help but wish for an easier path.

Mali finds himself in a difficult position, unable to confide in Rose about his knowledge of his housemate’s affair. When he returns home, he comes face to face with Levi, but Mackenzie intervenes, revealing that Mali is aware of their secret. Unfazed, Levi is reminded of the potential consequences, and Mackenzie asserts her stance, reminding him that she has just as much to lose.

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Dana confides in Irene about her crush, concealing the identity of her love interest. Still scarred from her previous relationship, Dana is hesitant to date again. However, a text from Xander sparks a hopeful smile, and Rose quickly picks up on the attraction between them, confronting Dana about her crush on her brother.

Meanwhile, Harper decides to take a chance on love and goes on a date with Derek, her Smouldr match. Despite her nerves and the encouragement of her friend Tane, the date takes an unexpected turn when Derek reveals he hasn’t moved on from his ex. His confidence falters when he struggles to recall Harper’s name, and his invitation to fool around at his place falls flat. Harper opts for a pizza night with Tane instead.

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Home and Away airs on Wednesday 10 April 2024 at 1:45 pm on Channel 5.

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