Home and Away: Episode 8237 (Channel 5, May 28, 2024)

Home and Away

In the upcoming episode of Home and Away, airing on Channel 5 on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 1:45 pm, Dana finds herself in a difficult situation as she confides in Irene about Tane and the missing baby, Maia. Dana regrets trusting Tane and feels responsible for the escalation of events that led to an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) being put in place. Meanwhile, Stevie, staying at Cash’s place, receives unsettling news about the inquest into her deceased co-star Crystal’s death, which fuels her fears about the stalker. Elsewhere, Leah, with the help of Irene and Marilyn, prepares for her wedding to Justin, but her anxiety about potential issues, particularly regarding her son VJ, leads her to snoop behind Justin’s back.

Dana, distraught over the missing baby Maia, confides in Irene. She reveals her regret at trusting Tane and explains that an AVO has been put in place against him. Despite Irene’s reassurance that Tane’s actions are not Dana’s fault, Dana is consumed with worry and desperately seeks any sign that Maia is safe. Finally, she receives a text from Tane, bluntly stating that Maia is unharmed but instructing her to stop contacting him. Disturbed, Dana calls Rose for support.

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Stevie, temporarily staying with Cash, rehearses lines for an audition when she receives a message from Crystal’s ex-boyfriend. He informs her that the inquest into Crystal’s death has concluded, ruling it as a misadventure. Given the threat of a stalker, this news unnerves both Stevie and Cash. Stevie, desperate for a resolution, urges Cash to use his police connections to expedite the investigation. However, Cash returns with unfavorable news, deepening Stevie’s despair and leading her to abruptly fire Cash and leave.

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As the wedding of Leah and Justin approaches, Leah’s anxiety about potential problems surfaces. Despite her promises to trust Justin with the wedding arrangements, she can’t resist the urge to snoop when she finds herself alone in the house. She discovers a folder containing Justin’s plans, including a circled note about “THE VJ ISSUE.” Her worries intensify when Justin catches her, and she presses him for answers about their son. Justin, annoyed but understanding, manages to reassure her and encourages her to focus on their upcoming nuptials.

The episode leaves audiences wondering about the safety of baby Maia and the implications for Dana and Tane. It also raises questions about the stalker’s intentions and the impact of Crystal’s death on Stevie’s mental state.

Home and Away: Episode 8237 airs Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 1:45 pm on Channel 5.

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