Home and Away: Episode 8249 (Channel 5 Thursday 13 June 2024)

Home and Away

In the Thursday 13 June episode of Home and Away, tensions arise as Justin and Theo find themselves on the beach with Kirby, leading to a chain of events that impact their band, Lyrik. Theo, feeling guilty about stepping back from the band, expresses his doubts to Justin, who calls an emergency meeting with Remi to discuss the potential consequences of a three-month hiatus for the band. Remi reassures Theo, encouraging him to take some time off, which leads to Theo making a difficult decision.

Theo, struggling with his decision, seeks support from Kirby, who assures him that she and everyone else has his back. Meanwhile, Bree and Remi have a heart-to-heart, where Bree clarifies that she is comfortable with Remi seeing Stevie, a conversation that leaves Remi feeling relieved. However, Kirby interprets Bree’s need to have this conversation as a sign that she isn’t over Remi.

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Marilyn notices Roo’s absence and becomes concerned when she doesn’t respond to her messages. Alf, on the other hand, doesn’t share her worries. When Roo finally resurfaces, she shares exciting news: she wants to become an emergency foster carer, inspired by baby Poppy and her mother, Sonia. However, Roo seeks Alf’s blessing, and he expresses his true feelings during a private phone call, referring to the idea as one of Roo’s “little projects.”

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Home and Away, Episode 8249, airs on Channel 7, Thursday, 13 June 2024, at 1:45 p.m.

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