Home and Away: Episode 8251 (Channel 5, Monday June 17, 2024)

Home and Away

On the Monday 17 June episode of Channel 5’s Home & Away, Stevie is thrilled about filming her new movie in Summer Bay. However, her enthusiasm is dampened when she realizes that Nelson, her director, is missing.

Unbeknownst to Stevie, Nelson is spending time with Bree, and their connection is immediate and clear. As their hangout draws to a close, Nelson offers Bree his phone number, but she hesitates, explaining that she is fresh out of a serious relationship and is not looking to rush into something new. Nelson is understanding and assures her that there is no pressure as they are just getting to know each other.

Eventually, Stevie finds Nelson, and she expresses her frustration at having searched for him everywhere, reminding him of the work they need to do. Remi and Bree suddenly come face to face, each with their new romantic interests by their side, and the atmosphere becomes tense.

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Remi does his best to hide his reaction to the obvious chemistry between Nelson and his ex-partner. When he later recounts the encounter to Kirby, he emphasizes that he is happy for Bree and that he wants her to move on.

Bree and Kirby plan a girls’ day out at the beach but find their plans disrupted when Stevie, determined to convince Nelson of her vision for the movie, drags him and Remi to the beach as well. Stevie enacts the climactic scene from her new romantic comedy, spontaneously kissing Remi, all while Bree looks on. This bold move seems to inspire Bree to take the plunge herself, and she decides to call Nelson and accept his offer of a date.

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However, their date takes an unexpected turn when they unexpectedly run into Stevie and Remi once again. Nelson, unaware of the complicated dynamics within the group, invites Stevie and Remi to join them. Despite their protests, they find themselves unable to refuse Stevie’s enthusiastic invitation.

The scene sets the stage for an uncomfortable double date, with Remi and Bree reluctantly sitting down together, anticipating an excruciating evening. As the episode draws to a close, the audience is left wondering how this complicated situation will unfold and what twists and turns lie ahead for these characters.

Home and Away: Episode 8251 airs on Channel 5 on Monday, June 17, 2024, at 1:45pm.

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