Home and Away: Episode 8256 (Channel 5, Monday 24 June 2024)

Home and Away

In the Monday 24 June episode of Home and Away, Theo is eager to focus on his final TAFE exams, expressing his aspiration to become a legitimate mechanic. However, Justin reminds him that completing his studies will also lead to increased responsibilities at the Garage, prompting Theo to feel stressed about managing both commitments.

As his anxiety builds, Theo snaps at Justin and Leah, who are trying to offer support. Eventually, he agrees to let Justin quiz him for his exam. But when Leah returns home, Theo confronts them, acknowledging their concern about him falling back into old habits. While they agree to respect his wish to handle it alone, it’s clear he appreciates their support.

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Meanwhile, Felicity takes a walk with Marshall, but her thoughts remain occupied by Tane, her ex. Harper approaches them with good news: Sonia, baby Poppy’s mother, has agreed to testify in court on Tane’s behalf, offering a glimmer of hope for his future.

On the other hand, Rose is less optimistic as she questions Tane about missing his bail check-in. When he fails to provide an explanation, she insists that he will need to address the matter with the magistrate.

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Tane’s jealousy flares up when Marshall, his lawyer, becomes involved, leading to a heated argument and resulting in Tane firing Marshall and ending up in a cell. Despite Harper and Felicity’s efforts to reach out, Tane remains stubborn. It takes a final plea from Felicity to Marshall for Tane to reconsider.

Home and Away: Episode 8256 airs on Channel 5 at 1:45 PM on Monday, 24 June 2024.

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