Home and Away, Tuesday 16 April 2024, Channel 5

Home and Away

In the upcoming episode of Home and Away, airing on Channel 5 on Tuesday 16 April, Justin and Leah, caught up in the excitement of their rekindled romance, find themselves at different paces as they approach their wedding plans. While Justin eagerly dives into the planning process, Leah asks him to pump the brakes. She suggests keeping their engagement under wraps for a few days, leaving Justin torn between his enthusiasm and respecting her wishes. As they confide in their dear friend Irene, she offers support but also privately voices concerns about the speed of their reunion. A phone call from Leah to her doctor raises Justin’s worries, leaving him uncertain about her feelings.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie grapples with her feelings as she learns more about Eden’s wife, Imogen. When plans with Levi fall through, she discovers that Eden has been spending time with his brother and wife. Curiosity gets the better of her, and she can’t help but probe for more information about Imogen. Mackenzie’s disappointment becomes evident as Eden gushes about his wife’s virtues, leaving her questioning her own relationship. The revelation of their family plans further surprises Mackenzie, prompting her to reconsider her perception of Eden.

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Elsewhere, Bree receives an unexpected offer to join Doctors Without Borders, prompting her to reconsider her priorities. Encouraged by Remi to seize the opportunity, Bree initially hesitates, aware of the changes in her life since applying. However, her decision runs deeper than his injury, as she expresses her desire to cherish time with loved ones, especially after losing her father. Their conversation leads to a heart-to-heart, where she assures him that her choice is motivated by her desire to make the most of her relationships.

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Home and Away Episode 8207 airs on Channel 5 at 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

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