Home Town: Cozy-Phobic (HGTV, Sunday May 26, 2024)

Home Town HGTV

A couple has purchased a large property and a small house that belonged to the wife’s great-grandmother. They plan to transform the land into a Christmas tree farm, but first, they need help with the house. In this episode, Cozy-Phobic, Ben and Erin Napier take on the challenge of renovating the cramped and quirky rambler.

The 20th episode of the 8th season of Home Town, airs on HGTV Sunday May 26, sees Ben and Erin Napier taking on a unique project. A couple has bought a cherished family property, including a small house, with plans to turn it into a Christmas tree farm.

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However, the house is cramped and quirky, and the couple needs help renovating it into a cheery and functional home. Ben and Erin decide to tear down every wall in the house to create a more open and inviting space. They use their creativity and expertise to transform the rambler, ensuring it is both modern and functional while preserving its unique character.

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Home Town: Cozy-Phobic airs Sunday May 26, 2024 at 8:00 PM on HGTV.

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