Homes Under the Hammer: Pampered Pooches (BBC One, June 18, 2024)


In this episode of Homes Under the Hammer, airing on BBC One on Tuesday 18 June, we explore unique property transformations and the ambitious individuals behind them. The show takes us to Waterlooville, where a young couple has converted a former care center into a smart family home.

But what sets this renovation apart is that it’s designed to accommodate not just the couple and their baby daughter but also their ten pet dogs and a dog grooming business!

In West Bromwich, developers tackle a house with subsidence issues, aiming to restore it to its former glory. And in Birkenhead, a heartwarming project unfolds as a developer gifts a refurbished semi-detached home to his daughter for her birthday.

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The episode looks into the challenges and opportunities faced by each project, offering a detailed account of the renovations. We see the creative solutions implemented to address the unique needs of the young family and their canine companions in Waterlooville.

In West Bromwich, effective strategies are employed to rectify the subsidence, ensuring the house’s stability and structural integrity.

The episode also explores the personal journeys of those involved, including the developer in Birkenhead, who takes on the project with a special purpose: to create a loving home for his daughter.

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Homes Under the Hammer: Pampered Pooches airs on BBC One on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at 11:15 am.

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