Hostage Rescue: Saved by the SEALs (The CW, Tuesday May 21, 2024)

The CW

The CW’s Hostage Rescue returns with its second episode, “Saved by the SEALs,” airing on Tuesday May 21, 2024. This documentary series recounts real-life stories of hostages in peril and the courageous rescuers who risk everything to save them.

In this episode, viewers will be taken back to Somalia in 2011, where a young woman finds herself in a terrifying situation. She has been kidnapped and is now facing a demand for a multi-million-dollar ransom. It will take the skill and bravery of Navy SEAL Team 6 to attempt a daring rescue and bring her back to safety.

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“Saved by the SEALs” continues the series’ exploration of life-or-death situations, highlighting the dangers faced by hostages and the heroic efforts of their rescuers. Each episode of Hostage Rescue focuses on a different story.

Hostage Rescue: Saved by the SEALs airs on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. on The CW.

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