House Hunters: A Family Affair Near Atlanta (HGTV, May 24)

House Hunters

In the Friday May 24 episode of HGTV’s long-running series House Hunters, we’ll meet a couple ready to trade in their high-maintenance horse property for a new home that emphasizes family and relaxation in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. The couple has differing visions for their future home, with the wife, who is French, seeking a residence with European flair, while her husband leans toward a more traditional American home style.

The episode, “A Family Affair Near Atlanta,” follows the couple’s journey as they navigate this significant life transition, exploring a variety of properties that could potentially offer the balance of style and functionality they desire. With their differing tastes, they must carefully consider how to blend their preferred design aesthetics to create a space that feels like home for both of them.

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As they tour three prospective homes, they will need to weigh the benefits of each property’s unique features and consider how well each home meets their individual and shared priorities.

House Hunters: A Family Affair Near Atlanta airs on HGTV at 10:00 PM on Friday, May 24, 2024.

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