House Hunters, April 17, 2024, HGTV, “Goodbye Burbs, Hello City Living”

House Hunters

House Hunters presents contrasting journeys in its upcoming episode, showcasing the allure of city life over suburban comforts. Premiering on HGTV on April 17, “Goodbye Burbs, Hello City Living” follows a young family and a single professional as they embark on new chapters, leaving the suburbs in search of urban excitement.

In Cincinnati, we meet a young family with a penchant for historic homes. They’re on the hunt for a property that offers the charm of yesteryear but doesn’t burden them with endless renovation projects. Balancing their desire for character and convenience, they navigate Cincinnati’s diverse neighborhoods, weighing the benefits of established communities against the draw of more vibrant, urban settings.

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The challenge lies in finding a historic home that feels spacious and modern, requiring only cosmetic updates. With careful consideration, they tour prospective properties, envisioning their family’s future within each unique space.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, a single guy undergoes a significant life change, prompting his decision to relocate. Leaving the suburbs behind, he sets his sights on downtown Dallas, seeking a fresh start and a vibrant urban lifestyle. His priority is proximity to the city’s pulse, with easy access to entertainment and a thriving social scene.

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The episode explores the contrasts between these two journeys, highlighting the diverse motivations that drive people to embrace city living. For the young family, it’s about finding the right balance of history and modernity, while for the single professional, it’s all about immersing himself in the heart of the city.

House Hunters: Goodbye Burbs, Hello City Living airs on HGTV at 9.00 pm on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

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