House Hunters International: Adventurous Oregon Family Goes Dutch (HGTV, Tuesday, June 11)

House Hunters International

An adventurous family from Oregon is ready to leave their mark on Amsterdam in this episode of House Hunters International. Airing on HGTV on Tuesday, June 11, the episode follows a family’s quest to embrace the Dutch way of life.

Charmed by the memories of a vacation in Amsterdam, the family is now looking to relocate and fully immerse themselves in their new culture. However, finding a home that aligns with Mom and Dad’s differing visions proves to be a challenge. While Dad is drawn to the vibrant city life, Mom prefers the spaciousness and tranquility of the outskirts.

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As they explore their options, the family discovers that real estate in Amsterdam is unlike anything they’ve experienced before. With unique architectural styles and a diverse range of neighborhoods, they must navigate a market that presents a surprising mix of old and new.

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Will they find a home that satisfies both Mom’s and Dad’s wishes, or will they need to compromise and settle for a location that only partially fulfills their Dutch dreams?

House Hunters International: Adventurous Oregon Family Goes Dutch airs on HGTV on Tuesday, June 11, at 10:00 PM.

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