“How I Caught My Killer” Returns for a Second Season on Hulu, July 17

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Hulu’s compelling true-crime docuseries, “How I Caught My Killer,” is set to return for its second season on July 17, offering audiences another gripping exploration of homicide cases where victims seemingly left behind clues that led to justice.

The ten-part season presents a unique twist to the true-crime genre by focusing on the tragic stories of those who, in death, played a pivotal role in bringing their killers to light. Each episode examines a different case, utilizing in-depth interviews, archival material, and cinematic recreations to piece together the investigations and the lives of the victims.

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The first season featured cases such as the disappearance of 17-year-old Nikki Kuhnhausen, whose social media presence became a crucial element in the investigation, and the murder of 14-year-old Candice Parchment, whose diary entries revealed the truth behind her tragic end. These stories, and more, highlighted the show’s commitment to exploring the flaws in the United States legal system and its failure to protect marginalized communities.

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Season 2 of “How I Caught My Killer” presents more of these absorbing investigations, focusing on the victims, their lives, and the impact of their deaths.

All ten episode of How I Caught My Killer Season 2 will drop on Hulu on July 18.

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