Hulu’s The Bear: Everything You Need to Know Before the Season 3 Premiere

The Bear

The Emmy-nominated series “The Bear” returns for its highly anticipated third season, and we can’t wait to dive back into the intense world of Chicago’s culinary scene. With a Michelin star as the new goal, chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto and his team at the newly renamed restaurant “The Bear” are about to face even tougher challenges and mouth-watering opportunities. As the pressure to impress mounts, will they be able to keep their cool in the kitchen?

The third season premieres on Hulu on Wednesday June 26 (Hulu have brought forward the premiere by a few hours so it drops in primetime) and builds upon the story of chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, who, in Season 1, left the world of fine dining to return to his Chicago roots and take over the family restaurant, originally called The Beef. Carmy navigated staffing issues, financial troubles, and personal loss, ultimately closing The Beef and reopening it as The Bear.

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Season 2 marked a shift in focus, with Carmy and his team embracing the challenge of fine dining and the pursuit of a Michelin star. The season explored the dedication, sacrifice, and intense pressure of the hospitality industry, culminating in a frenetic and cliffhanger finale.

In Season 3, the restaurant crew faces the ongoing pressure of debt and the challenge of maintaining bookings. There will be romantic tensions and the aftermath of personal losses, all while the team strives to keep the restaurant afloat.

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The intense kitchen-set drama will introduce new characters and notable music choices, including Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” The season also marks the directorial debut of series star Ayo Edebiri.

“The Bear” has received critical acclaim, with ten Primetime Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nominations, including acting nods for Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri.

The Bear Season 3 will have 10 episodes and will launch on Hulu on 26 June at 9:00pm.

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