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Humza Arshad – Finding Forgiveness (w/t)



humza arshad – finding forgiveness (w/t)

What happens when your instincts tell you to seek revenge but your faith requires you to forgive? In this 60 minute documentary for BBC One, YouTube sensation and stand-up comedian, Humza Arshad, embarks on a personal journey to see if unsettled scores can be left behind. As a teenager, Humza’s cousin suffered a brutal and unprovoked attack by a group of young men. He knows the perpetrators will have all now walked free, but can he really forgive what these men did to his family? His cousin has managed to and wants Humza to do the same. Humza in turn wants to release the anger he feels towards them. He’s built a life, and career, teaching peace and reconciliation but can he truly live by the message he’s been preaching?

Humza seeks out those who’ve managed to forgive their attackers; will hearing from those who’ve found forgiveness, in the most difficult circumstances, bring him any closer to it himself? Grappling with his inability to move on, Humza has an unexpected encounter with a killer who has sought forgiveness from his victim’s family and goes head to head with a ‘forgiveness academic’.

With the help of his straight talking Mum, and kept afloat by his faith and his unique sense of humour, Humza must confront the past and look for a way forward. His final “Badman” show clocked up 40 million views, he has won an MBE for his work in education and has over 40,000 followers on Instagram but fame and notoriety have done little to prepare him for his current mission. This could just be the toughest gig yet . . .

Humza Arshad – Finding Forgiveness was commissioned by Daisy Scalchi for BBC Two. The 1×60 film is being made by Drummer Television with Director Ahmed Peerbux, Consultant Executive Producer Mark Henderson and Executive Producers Tamsin Summers and Rachel Drummond-Hay.