Hunted, 7 April 2024, Channel 4, “Season 7 Episode 4”

The Hunters in Channel 4's Hunted

The thrill of the chase continues in the fourth episode of Channel 4’s “Hunted,” airing on Sunday, April 7, at 9 p.m. In this installment, the stakes are higher than ever as 12 ordinary people across the UK turn fugitive, aiming to outwit an elite team of hunters for a share of £100,000.

On the Newcastle moors, one fugitive finds themselves in a heart-pounding foot chase with the hunters, testing their endurance and quick thinking. Elsewhere, a homesick pair of fugitives attempt a daring strategy, creating a bold decoy on their familiar turf to throw the hunters off their trail. However, little do they know that HQ has infiltrated their rowing network, adding an unexpected twist to their coastal regatta plans.

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In a bid for freedom, a fugitive in need of encouragement takes a risky journey to his aunt’s castle in Scotland. Yet, this move may backfire as the hunters have already begun investigating family connections in the area. The tension rises as the hunters close in, and the fugitives must rely on their wits, resourcefulness, and sheer determination to stay one step ahead.

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Hunted Episode 4 airs on Channel 4 at 9:00 pm on Sunday, 7 April 2024.

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