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ID to Release “Adnan Syed: Overturned” Following Syed’s Release from Prison



Investigation Discovery, the leading true crime, and justice network, announced today that ID will debut ADNAN SYED: OVERTURNED, an updated version of the previously aired ID original special. After serving more than 20 years of a life-sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, Syed’s sentence was vacated, leaving supporters and detractors wondering what comes next in the highly publicized and controversial case. ADNAN SYED: OVERTURNED premieres Tuesday, September 27 @ 9PM/8c on ID. The updated version of the special will bring this incredible story full circle by incorporating the breaking news of Syed’s release, offering an in-depth exploration into how expert true-crime journalism can change the entire direction of a case that many had thought to be closed.

The special, which previously aired in 2016 under the title ADNAN SYED: INNOCENT OR GUILTY?, raises questions about the validity of his conviction and unpacks the investigation into the murder of Lee. Over the course of the hour, ADNAN SYED: OVERTURNED continues the conversation kicked off by the national fascination with Syed’s case that led to his now overturned conviction. The original special offers never-before-seen interviews with experts and key figures directly involved in Syed’s trial and the investigation into Lee’s muder, while also taking a deep dive into the lives of Syed and Lee, to give a deeper understanding of who they were at the time of this tragedy.

ADNAN SYED: OVERTURNED Is produced for Investigation Discovery by Lincoln Square Productions, LLC.