Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead: Episode 2 (Channel 4, Monday 20 May 2024)

Channel 4

Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead continues on Channel 4 with its second episode, digging further into the intriguing story of a man who found himself in a perplexing situation upon awakening from a COVID-induced coma.

In this installment, Arthur Knight finds himself behind bars, protesting his innocence and struggling to clear his name. His wife, Miranda, is distressed and equally determined to prove his innocence. A glimmer of hope emerges when Arthur’s tattoos, which were supposedly matching those of Nicholas Rossi, are nowhere to be found during an examination by an investigating journalist.

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The episode also features an interview with Rossi victim Mary Grebinski, who recounts a shocking assault by Rossi when she was just 19 years old. Grebinski also reveals the extraordinary aftermath, including legal action taken by Rossi against her for reputational damage.

Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead is a three-part documentary series that tells the extraordinary tale of a man who, upon awakening from a coma in a Glasgow hospital, discovered that he had been identified as a wanted criminal in the United States. The show explores the question of whether this man is, in fact, a master of deception or an innocent victim of mistaken identity.

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Imposter: The Man Who Came Back from the Dead: Episode 2 airs on Monday, May 20, 2024, at 10:00 PM on Channel 4.

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