Independent Lens: The Tuba Thieves (PBS, Monday, May 20, 2024)

Independent Lens

Independent Lens, the acclaimed documentary series on PBS, presents an unconventional take on the mystery genre with its latest episode, “The Tuba Thieves.” Airing on Monday, May 20, 2024, at 10:00 p.m., the film explores a unique mystery that explores the nature of sound itself.

The Tuba Thieves‘ is a documentary film by hard-of-hearing filmmaker Alison O’Daniel, which premiered on 20 May 2024. The film explores the nature of sound and listening through the lens of a series of tuba thefts from high schools in Los Angeles.

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O’Daniel uses these thefts as a jumping-off point to question the role of sound and the act of listening. Through stories told by Deaf people in a unique game of telephone, the film becomes less about the theft of the instruments and more about the meaning of sound itself.

The documentary follows several individuals impacted by the tuba thefts, including a Deaf woman given a drum kit, a high school saxophone player, and an L.A. Times reporter seeking answers. It also highlights Los Angeles musicians who perform in Deaf spaces and presents a new sensitivity to sound and meaning.

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‘The Tuba Thieves’ has been described as a “holistic exploration of musicality and the expansion of sound”, winning Outstanding Sound Design and Outstanding Debut at the 2024 Cinema Eye Honors.

Don’t miss Independent Lens: The Tuba Thieves, airing on PBS at 10:00 p.m. on Monday, May 20, 2024, for a unique exploration of sound and its mysteries.

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