Inside No. 9: CTRL, ALT, ESC (BBC Two, Wednesday, May 29, 2024)

Inside No 9 Ctrl Alt Esc

“CTRL, ALT, ESC,” the fourth episode of the ninth season of “Inside No. 9,” aired on BBC Two on Wednesday, 29 May 2024, delivering another twist-filled instalment of the acclaimed anthology series.

Spoiler Alert!

The episode centres on Jason (Steve Pemberton), Lynne (Katherine Kelly), and their two teenage daughters, Millie (Kalli Tant) and Amy (Maddie Evans), who venture into their local escape room, “The Killer’s Lair.” However, what starts as a family outing quickly takes a surprising turn.

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The episode cleverly sets up the expectation of a typical slasher story, with the family warned about ‘Doctor Death’, a potential serial killer on the loose. But, in a signature move by writers Shearsmith and Pemberton, the story pulls the rug from under viewers’ feet, revealing that the escape room is, in fact, Jason’s fading mind as he lies comatose, with his family mere minutes away from having his life support switched off.

The episode is filled with subtle hints and double meanings, such as the daughters appearing in the in-game photographs as Dr Death’s victims and the reference to Jason’s ability to hear his family but being unable to communicate with them. The episode also explores the father-daughter relationship between Jason and Millie.

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The ending is a surprising yet satisfying twist, as Jason, mere minutes away from having his life support switched off, manages to escape his personal hell, waking up to reunite with his family. This heartwarming conclusion is a relief to viewers, who were left biting their nails, unsure of whether the writers would opt for a darker ending.

“CTRL, ALT, ESC” once again shows off the writing prowess of Shearsmith and Pemberton, delivering clever storytelling, and emotional twists.

Inside No. 9: CTRL, ALT, ESC aired Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 10:00 PM on BBC Two.

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