Inside the Force: Season 3 Finale (Channel 5, Monday 10 June 2024)

Traffic Cops

The season finale of Inside the Force airs on Channel 5, offering viewers an insight into alcohol-related incidents and the challenges faced by officers at Middlesbrough Police Station. The episode, titled “Season 3, Episode 12,” will be broadcast on Monday 10 June.

In this episode, officers gear up for a busy Saturday night shift, with a focus on alcohol-related incidents in the town center. New recruit PC Tayla Singleton patrols the bustling nightlife of Middlesbrough, which boasts over 130 bars and nightclubs. The episode captures the first call of the night, as officers rush to assist a colleague struggling to restrain an intoxicated individual who has been PAVA-sprayed. The man is restrained and transported back to custody, where he remains until he sobers up.

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Meanwhile, a more severe incident unfolds outside a nightclub, where a man lies unconscious with a serious head injury, bleeding profusely. Police are the first to arrive and provide critical first aid to control the bleeding while awaiting emergency medical services. This incident reflects the stark reality of alcohol-related violence, with approximately 1.2 million violent incidents linked to alcohol in England and Wales each year.

The episode also follows a 999 call from a distressed female who has been robbed by several males. She struggles to provide her exact location, prompting officers to comb the area and successfully chase down two suspects. PC John Skerritt, on foot patrol, encounters an arguing couple, with the female admitting to assaulting her ex-partner. As PC Skerritt engages with them, he receives a radio call about another domestic incident nearby, requiring additional units to manage both situations effectively.

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The custody suite is packed, and the night is far from over. In Force Control, dispatchers observe a concerning scene on their CCTV screens: an unconscious man lies motionless in the middle of a rainy road. They urgently radio for officers to check on him, fearing for his life.

Don’t miss the season finale of Inside the Force, airing on Channel 5 on Monday, June 10, 2024, at 9:00 PM.

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