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Interview with Charlie Mullins OBE and RaRa on Unbreakable



@charliemullins_OBE / @raramusicofficial

Why did you want to take part?

We thought it would be a great challenge to do together. We have so much fun together on a daily basis, working and living together. It was a good opportunity to take part in a new experience and make some more memories.

This series includes physical, emotional and mental challenges, which did you struggle with most?

Probably the mental challenges. Psyching ourselves up to do a bungee jump together was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done.

What did you learn about one another?

We now have more of an understanding of how we work as individuals and as a couple. We also think we’re an awesome couple!

Would you say you are an unbreakable couple?

Absolutely. Through thick and thin!

Anything to add?

We won’t be doing a bungee jump again!