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Interview with Matt Goss on Strictly Come Dancing 2022



What made you want to take part in the show this year?<?b>

I’m coming back to the UK and coming into a place where I will be highly judged and critiqued. But I’m excited to learn and to be in the thick of it. Strictly is going to get me out of my comfort zone and I really want to just enjoy the process.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Myself. I’m always the boss, in my show there is 50 plus people working together, and I oversee everything from the lighting to the dancers. But for Strictly I will be the pupil, and for me, it’s quite nerve wracking. But it’s super exciting to just learn a skill from an incredibly talented partner that knows exactly what they’re doing.

How do you feel about being Strictly-fied?

I’m a magpie so I like anything that glitters anyway, and what’s not to love about fake tan!

Do you have any previous dance experience?

I did the Christmas special in 2013 which was incredible. Beyond that I have been on stage for two thirds of my life, I love to dance and make music. Music is like my first language, I understand rhythm and accents, so hopefully that gives me an advantage.

Have you had any advice from anyone who has done the show before?

I have, but honestly I am thinking it’s going to be an individual experience for each celebrity.

Do you know any of your fellow 2022 contestants?

Kaye Adams has interviewed me many times, I’ve crossed paths with Kym and Molly, and, of course, Tony, everyone loves Tony Adams.

Who do you think is your biggest competition?

Everyone, I honestly mean that. I think everyone is in this to win it. I would like to be a supportive person to everyone in the cast, and just compete with myself and push myself as hard as I can. It’s about the journey and not just the destination, not to sound cliché.

Do you have your eye on the Glitterball?

Of course, why would I do this wonderful show if I wasn’t going to try and get to the Glitterball? I also need something to really clash with the décor in my house.

Do you have a signature dance move you always do at parties?

I just love to move. I love dancing in general but usually a tequila would help although I don’t know if that’s Strictly policy!