Interview with Project Icon judge Becky Hill



What made you want to be a mentor on Project Icon?

I wanted to be a mentor because I have my own experience going through talent shows. I really wanted to make my own imprint on this incredible full circle moment.

How would you describe Project icon?

It is effectively popstar bootcamp. It puts people through their paces in different aspects of the music industry.

As an artist who’s been through a similar experience, what advice do you give the contestants about the process?

Firstly, that it’s just a TV show and that they have a whole world out there waiting for them to take opportunities, I always say that. It’s an entertainment programme but it’s important for them to keep all of the contacts that they make throughout the show, so when the show ends they have people to call up and start making their way through the music industry. So whether that be producers or Frank Harris, it’s really important to go and use those contacts afterwards.

In your opinion, what makes a successful artist?

I think a successful artist is made by hard work and kindness. I think it’s really important to work as hard as you can and take as many opportunities as you can. I think in this competition, song writing will be the main take away for the artist. Also that you can write good songs!

What’s your judging style and what do you think sets you apart from the trio?

I’m definitely the nice one out of the three, and I think that’s because I have my own experience on talent shows. I empathise with the artists probably a lot more than Jason and Frank do because I understand what they’re going through.

What’s it been like working with Jason, Frank and Jordan whilst filming the show?

Jordan I already knew from BBC Radio 1, but it’s good to actually spend some proper time with him because he’s such a laugh. It is a real pleasure getting to know Jason and Frank. Frank is obviously very wise about the business, and it’s good to absorb his cutthroat attitude towards the music industry. Jason is an incredibly well established artist, so it’s good to learn new things from him and get to know him too.

Can you tell us any memorable moments you’ve had whilst filming?

When we were filming episode one, I was wearing some incredibly painful shoes, which I kept flicking off in between takes, but I flicked them off a little bit too hard and ended up aiming a heel into somebody’s face. I apologised profusely and I kept my shoes on after that!

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