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Interview with Simon Weston CBE and Lucy Weston on Unbreakable



Why did you want to take part?

We took part as it was something so far out of our comfort zone. We’d never done anything like this before.

This series includes physical, emotional and mental challenges, which did you struggle with most?

We don’t think we struggled with any aspect of the challenges. The physical side of things was a bit tough mostly because we’re old!

At times, especially for Lucy, things were emotional. There were topics she hadn’t spoken about in public before.

What did you learn about one another?

You think before you do something like this that there’s nothing you don’t know about each other – especially after 32 years! But taking part just proved to us that even though we are individuals you need and want to do things together.

Would you say you are an unbreakable couple?

What is unbreakable? Is it being the best couple at things? Doing tasks faster or better than another couple? Or is it that you do them together, you look to each other to get things done. As the programme progressed we both realised it’s the latter. So yes, we think we’re unbreakable.

What was the most important thing you learned?

We will take this experience onwards in our relationship and use the things we learnt about each other and other couples to continue through our relationship.