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Irreverent Kiwi Comedy “Good Grief” Streams Thursday, September 30 on Sundance Now



In Good Grief, two millennial sisters in small town New Zealand inherit a funeral home from their grandfather. Unsure what to do with it – or the oddball staff that keep the place running – Ellie (Eve Palmer, The Adam, And Eve Show) and Gwen (Grace Palmer, Shortland Street) are thrust into a world of embalming, emceeing, and embarrassment. Recently fired from her teaching career, Ellie starts to warm to the job, but all Gwen wants to do is go DJ in Bali. By staring death in the face every day, Ellie and Gwen begin to confront the realities of their own life, and what they want to make of it.

Good Grief, Season 1 will make its U.S., Canadian, and U.K. premiere on September 30 as binge release (6×15) on Sundance Now followed by its North American broadcast premiere on IFC beginning October 4. Season 2 will go into production later in 2021 in Auckland city and premiere in 2022 with 6 episodes expanded to 20 minutes each.

Good Grief, Season 1 is directed by Kiel McNaughton (The Legend of Baron To’a, My Life is Murder), produced by Angela Cudd (I Am Waru) and Kerry Warkia (Vai, Waru). The first season’s creative team and lead cast will also return for Season 2.



Episode 1 – “A Matter of Life and Death: Part 1” – Premieres Monday, October 4 @ 12AM ET/11c on IFC

Two very different sisters inherit a funeral home – and its eccentric employees – from their koro. While Ellie is determined to uphold her grandfather’s legacy, Gwen can’t wait to get to Bali and become a DJ. Can they figure out their lives while staring death in the face?

Episode 2 – “A Matter of Life and Death: Part 2” – Premieres Monday, October 4 @ approx. 12:15AM ET/11:15c on IFC

Ellie and Gwen infiltrate a funeral at a competitor mortuary, which goes horribly wrong. Ellie tells Gwen she doesn’t want to sell the business.

Episode 3 – “Face Off” – Premieres Monday, October 11 @ 12AM ET/11c on IFC

Ellie tries to manage the crew’s expectations. Gwen learns how to apply mortuary makeup.

Episode 4 – “Missed Connections – Premieres Monday, October 18 @ 12AM ET/11c on IFC

A family wants Loving Tributes to provide a medium so their dead mum can plan her own funeral. Sharyn is happy to help.

Episode 5 – “Sick Puppies” – Premieres Monday, October 25 @ 12AM ET/11c on IFC

The funeral for a handsome young man brings unwelcome guests to the mortuary.

Episode 6 – “Heart Attack” – Premieres Monday, October 25 @ approx. 12:15AM ET/11:15c on IFC

Ellie takes the staff to a health and safety course, which is neither healthy nor safe.