Is “General Hospital” Star Bryan Craig Hinting at Potential Return to the Show

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Speculation is mounting that Bryan Craig, known for his role as Morgan Corinthos on the popular soap opera “General Hospital,” may be returning to the show. Craig has recently dropped several hints on social media, sparking excitement among fans.

In a recent development, Craig posted a photo on his Instagram Story, offering what appears to be further confirmation. The image, shared on June 18, depicts a studio with “GH” artwork visible on the left-hand side. This has led many to believe that Craig is back on the set of “General Hospital,” teasing a potential comeback.

Prior to this, Craig had been mentioned numerous times by fans as a possible returning actor, especially after the soap’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, teased a former cast member’s return during an interview with ABC7. Valentini hinted that an actor familiar to the audience would be making a reappearance, sending fans into a frenzy of speculation.

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Adding fuel to the fire, Craig has been active on social media, reposting a tweet from Soap Opera Digest about Valentini’s comments and including a thoughtful emoji. He also shared a photo with Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos, wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. Given that Morgan Corinthos is the son of Sonny and Carly Spencer (played by Laura Wright) on the show, these posts have only intensified the rumors of Craig’s return.

With the recent storyline of someone targeting Sonny and the hints suggesting a connection to Morgan, fans are left wondering if Craig will reprise his role as Morgan or take on a new character. Despite Morgan’s apparent death by a car bomb in 2018, soap opera fans know that characters often return from the dead.

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General Hospital airs weekdays at 2:00 pm on ABC.

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