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`It Could Have Been Us’ is Viaplay’s latest original documentary film



A journey back to a dark time in Swedish history is the theme of `It Could Have Been Us’, Viaplay’s next original documentary film. Presented by Emma Örtlund and Ida Johansson, stars of Viaplay’s Kristallen-nominated feature `Catwalk’, `It Could Have Been Us’ relates the experiences of people with disabilities who were confined to institutions across the country from the start of the 20th century. The film is directed by award-winning filmmaker Björn Tjärnberg and will premiere exclusively on Viaplay in 2023.

Together with Pär Johansson, founder of the renowned Swedish theatre group Glada Hudik, Emma and Ida meet relatives of those affected, along with expert researchers. They share the true story of Olle, a young man who wrote moving letters to his mother from Lund’s Vipeholm facility – and cast unsettling light on events that to this day remain largely unknown to a broad audience.

Björn Tjärnberg: “When we started to learn more about what life was like for people with disabilities earlier in history, we soon faced a reality darker than we ever imagined. Through Olle’s eloquent and often witty letters, Emma and Ida hear a voice from the past who makes this story even more tangible.”

Filippa Wallestam, Viaplay Group Chief Content Officer: “This deeply affecting film shows the human consequences of an inhumane worldview, and how its scars remain in our societies today. At the same time, it offers glimpses of hope and joy. We’re proud that Viaplay’s viewers can once again spend time with the very charismatic Emma, Ida and friends, and gain many thought-provoking insights along the way.”

`It Could Have Been Us’ (Swedish title: `Det kunde varit vi’) is written by Björn Tjärnberg (`The Old Man and the Sea: The Expedition’) and Rebecca Brander (`Flipping the Ladder’) and produced by Candamo Film for Viaplay. The Swedish-language film is distributed globally by Viaplay Content Sales.