ITV publishes Social Purpose Impact Report for 2022



ITV publishs Social Purpos Impact Rport for 2022

British public taks 47 millio actios to support thir mtal a physical halth
ITV has toay publish its Social Purpos Impact rport for 2022 scribig progrss i its missio to shap cultur for goo across four focus aras: Bttr Halth, Climat Actio, Divrsity a Iclusio a Givig Back.

Highlights iclu 47 millio actios tak by th UK public to support thir physical a mtal halth; big rat amogst th top 2% of isclosig compais i th worl for its work i climat actio; th lauch of a £80 millio Divrsity Commissioig Fu to riv chag towars racial a isability quity a ovr £29 millio rais for goo causs.

ITV’s Social Purpos is itrisic to its stratgy a part of ITV’s visio to bcom a lar i UK stramig a a xpaig forc i global cott, followig th lauch of ITVX.

Caroly McCall, ITV’s CEO says:
“At ITV our Social Purpos is at th hart of who w ar a how w work. It’s rally importat for our popl, for our clits a partrs, for ivstors a for our auics. W’r ply committ to ral chag a as th impact rport shows w ar cotiuig to succssfully livr o our ambitio to rflct a shap cultur for goo.”

Bttr Halth

Th umbr of chilr big trat for mtal halth problms hit rcor lvls i 2022. To tackl this, ITV us its platforms to courag auics to look aftr thmslvs.

Poll rsarch commissio by ITV a xtrapolat to populatio lvl iicats that 47 millio halthy actios wr tak by th public as a rsult of ITV’s Bttr Halth campaigs i 2022. A halthy actio coul b havig a covrsatio aftr sig th Britai Gt Talkig campaig, or atig a xtra portio of vg thaks to Eat Thm To Dfat Thm. ITV has st a 5-yar targt of 200 millio halthy actios by th of 2023, a this puts th total to at at 164 millio.

Britai Gt Talkig tur th spotlight o th youg popl’s mtal halth crisis a courag 7 millio popl to coct with othrs – up from 3.5 millio i 2021. 1.8 millio popl took actio to car for thir mtal halth as a rsult of ITV2’s #WhatGtsYouThrough campaig i partrship with Calm whilst Uwi with ITV rach ovr 850k stramig hours of ightly mifulss cott via ITVX.

I trms of ITV’s work to support th atio’s physical halth, 1.1 millio chilr at mor vgtabls thaks to ITV’s partrship with Vg Powr o Eat Thm To Dfat thm, a ovr 70,000 mor chilr sig up to th Daily Mil, followig a w campaig support by ITV.

Climat Actio

ITV has ruc carbo missios i its cotrol by 36% a missios it iflucs by 13% compar to its basli yar. 94% of UK programms prouc by ITV Stuios wr crtifi by th BAFTA albrt schm as sustaiabl, up from 84% i 2021. This is a sigificat markr of ITV’s commitmt to rachig t-zro.

ITV was awar a A by th Carbo Disclosur Projct (CDP) makig it amogst th top 2% of isclosig compais i th worl for thir commitmt to climat actio. This commitmt was play out o-scr a off-scr, with 94% of ITV collagus compltig Climat Actio traiig a 2.7 millio popl shoppig mor sustaiably as a rsult of th Lov Isla x Ebay pr-lov fashio partrship.

Divrsity a Iclusio

ITV kick off its thr yar global stratgy, with a focus o cratig a showcasig cott by, with a for vryo, coctig a rflctig mor auics.

ITV’s Divrsity Commissioig Fu was lauch, rsrvig £80 millio ovr thr yars to riv chag towars racial a isability quity i TV prouctio. £25.1 millio was spt i 2022, icluig £16.3 millio o cott ma by Popl of Colour-l a /Daf, Disabl a uroivrs-l prouctio compais. Shows qualifyig for th fu iclu Sorry, I Di’t Kow, a comy pal show about Black History, Jo a Joh Bishop: Lif Aftr Daf, whr Daf crativs hl sior positios i prouctio, a Richs, a glossy, high staks family rama.
Nw a ivrs voics wr itrouc across th platform’s biggst shows, with th first physically isabl playr takig part i Soccr Ai a iitiativs lik Frsh Cuts showcasig up-a-comig Black Dirctors.

Nw opportuitis wr itrouc for urrprst groups at vry lvl of th busiss, from sior larship programms lik Amplify, to Kickstart, a 6-moth placmt schm for thos comig ito th iustry.

For th first tim, ITV will toay publish its Disability a LGBTQ+ pay gaps alogsi thir Gr a Ethicity pay gaps. S rport blow.

Givig Back

ITV cotiu its logstaig partrship with UNICEF to rais a rcor-brakig £15.7 millio for Soccr Ai, up 20% o th 2021 total, whilst Cocrt for Ukrai rais £13.4m for th Disastrs Emrgcy Committ to support thos affct by th war i Ukrai.

ITV also furthr its commitmt to hlpig popl from urrprst backgrous progrss i thir mia carrs with ITV collagus ow havig ivst approximatly 1,440 hours i mtorig to at.

Susi Brau, Dirctor of Social Purpos sai:
“Rsarch shows ovr two thirs (69%) of th UK public bliv broacastrs ca shap our cultur for th bttr, a hr at ITV w strogly agr. Our 2022 Social Purpos Impact Rport shows how w’r usig our platform to mak a iffrc both off-scr a withi th iustry, a o-scr, by ispirig positiv chag i th wir worl”.


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