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ITV Studios Game Show “Still Standing” Acquired in Spain, Greece & South Africa



Still Standing

Still Standing, a popular prime-time game show distributed by ITV Studios’s Armoza Formats, has been renewed for a ninth season in Italy following the success of its most recent season, which boasted the greatest seasonal premiere in the country in the previous three years. Weekly ratings improved, eventually reaching 21.07%, which was higher than the prime time average for Canale 5, and 26% among the important demo of adults aged 25–54.

Still Standing has also been purchased in Spain, Greece, and South Africa. Gestmusic Enedemol Spain, which had previously produced the show to great acclaim in Spain for 10 years, has acquired the rights to the Spanish version of the show. Silverline Productions has the rights in Greece, while The TVSMITHS have them South Africa.

The studio-based game show has been broadcast in over 40 countries, including the United States, Spain, Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, Thailand, Turkey, and China, and has aired over seven thousand episodes.

Still Standing (60′), produced by Israel’s Channel 10 and July-August Productions, is a groundbreaking game show in which competitors compete in ten intense trivia matches against each other for a $1 million prize.

As time runs out, competitors race to be the last ones standing; if they don’t know the answer, they’ll be eliminated in the most dramatic fashion possible: by being dropped through the studio floor.

Amos Neumann, COO of Armoza Formats, “‘Still Standing” is a gift that doesn’t stop giving – with over 7,000 episodes worldwide, it’s a solid choice for broadcasters to attract viewers from all demos. We are extremely happy with its continued travel –with Greece, South Africa, and Spain on-board as well as the commission of Season 9 in Italy.”