ITV’s New Sunday Morning Show: ‘Jimmy and Shivi’s Farmhouse Breakfast’


ITV is launching a new Sunday morning entertainment show, “Jimmy and Shivi’s Farmhouse Breakfast,” hosted by Jimmy Doherty and Shivi Ramoutar. The show promises to kick-start your weekend with a wholesome, family-friendly, and outdoor adventure.

“It’s going to be wholesome, family-friendly, outdoorsy, and real,” Shivi said. “I hope it will inspire some adventures and delicious, exciting breakfasts and weekend feasts.”

Jimmy, a natural outdoorsman, is excited to showcase his farm and wildlife park, adding a unique dynamic to the traditional breakfast show format. “It’s a dream come true,” he said. “I think filming the series on a working Farm and Wildlife Park really adds a new dimension. It’s something you don’t usually see in other breakfast shows.”

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The show will feature mouth-watering recipes, great cocktails, and fantastic guests, as well as a variety of activities for viewers to get involved with, such as beekeeping and planting their own vegetable gardens.

Shivi, a specialist in contemporary Caribbean cooking, will bring her unique twist to the show’s menu. “there’ll be a lot of little twists, some tropical elements and of course a lot of regular flavours that you know but may be provided in a slightly different way just to expand your horizons” she said. “It’s really simple, and you don’t need fancy ingredients or shops.”

The show will also highlight the work of local, regional, and family-run food and drink producers, with both presenters emphasising the importance of supporting small businesses and celebrating the rich food culture of the country.

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“It’s incredible to meet the passionate and hardworking people behind these regional family-led businesses,” Shivi said. “I think it’s essential for us to know where our food comes from and support them.”

“Jimmy and Shivi’s Farmhouse Breakfast” will offer a fun and entertaining mix of food, animals, DIY builds, and surprising guests, providing the perfect Sunday morning escape for viewers of all ages.

“Jimmy and Shivi’s Farmhouse Breakfast” will premiere on Sunday 30 June on ITV1. Each episode will be packed with recipes, guest interviews, and fun activities, offering a unique and engaging start to viewers’ weekends.

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