Jeopardy! Masters: Semifinals 3 & 4 (ABC, May 20, 2024)

Jeopardy! Masters

The excitement continues in the 2024 Jeopardy! Masters tournament as six of the game’s top competitors move closer to the final round. The episode, titled “Semifinals 3 & 4,” airs on ABC on May 20, 2024, at 8:00 PM, and promises intense competition and impressive displays of knowledge.

In this episode, the tournament semifinals continue with the third and fourth matches, narrowing down the field of talented contestants. The six players competing in the tournament are James Holzhauer, Mattea Roach, Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, Yogesh Raut, and Victoria Groce. The quarterfinal games, which ran from May 1 to May 13, saw impressive performances and close contests.

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Victoria Groce dominated the first game on May 1, followed by Mattea Roach and Matt Amodio. The second game on the same day went to Yogesh Raut, with James Holzhauer and Amy Schneider in second and third place, respectively. James Holzhauer then took the lead in the third game on May 6, finishing with a remarkable score of 45,200 points, while Matt Amodio and Mattea Roach trailed behind. Victoria Groce secured her second win in the fourth quarterfinal game, solidifying her place in the semifinals.

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With the semifinals now underway, the top four contestants will battle it out for a spot in the final round. The tournament format consists of quarterfinals, semifinals, and a final round, a two-game match that will determine the ultimate champion. The winner of the 2024 Jeopardy! Masters tournament will take home a grand prize of $500,000 and the coveted Trebek Trophy.

Jeopardy! Masters continues to showcase the skills and knowledge of some of the best players to appear on the show. Hosted by Ken Jennings.

Jeopardy! Masters: Semifinals 3 & 4 airs Monday, May 20, 2024, at 8:00 PM on ABC.

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