Jeopardy! Monday June 10, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Jeopardy Ken Jennings

The Monday June 10 episode of Jeopardy! featured an exciting contest between Josh Fry, a software developer from Peachtree Corners, Georgia; Aaron Lemos, a high school video production teacher from Northridge, California; and eight-day champion Adriana Harmeyer, an archivist from West Lafayette, Indiana, with total winnings of $183,100.

The first round categories included Capitals & Their Airports, Bunny Lit, Well, That Happened, Time for Some Drugs, Duets with Dads, and Find “Out.” Josh Fry took an early lead by correctly responding to the Daily Double question worth $800 in the category Capitals & Their Airports. However, he lost $2,800 on this True Daily Double, leaving him with $2,800 at the first break, just behind Adriana Harmeyer with $3,800 and followed by Aaron Lemos with $2,000.

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As the game progressed into Double Jeopardy!, the categories shifted to Senate History, The Animal Kingdom, Monuments & Memorials, There’s Gold in Your Future, They Directed Themselves, and Emotions. Adriana Harmeyer demonstrated her knowledge in the category Monuments & Memorials by correctly answering the second Daily Double question worth $1,200, adding $1,500 to her total score.

However, it was Josh Fry who made a strategic move by wagering $1,500 on the third Daily Double question in the category The Animal Kingdom, correctly identifying incisors as the type of teeth that rats must gnaw constantly to control their growth.

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Despite Josh’s strong performance, he entered the Final Jeopardy! round in second place with $10,700, just behind Adriana with $12,100. Aaron Lemos trailed with $1,600. The Final Jeopardy! category was New York Times Book Reviews, and only Adriana provided the correct response of “What is Lolita?” to the clue about a classic book reviewed in 1958. She added $9,500 to her total, winning the game with a final score of $21,600 and extending her championship streak to nine days with total winnings of $204,700. Aaron and Josh finished with $0 and $9,299, respectively.

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