Jeopardy! Monday June 17, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Who Won Jeopardy! and Final Answer

Kelsey Kaunisviita Vockrodt, a stay-at-home mom from Ottawa, Ontario, Ty Patton, a communications specialist from Des Moines, Iowa, and Adriana Harmeyer, an archivist from West Lafayette, Indiana, took the stage for the Monday June 17 episode of Jeopardy!. Adriana, a formidable competitor, entered the game with an impressive 13-day championship streak and total winnings of $299,000.

The categories for the initial round were STATE SONGS, CANDY IS DANDY, BON JOVI, RELIGION, “THE LAST” SHALL BE FIRST, and THE HUMAN RACE. Ty added $1,000 with a correct response to the first Daily Double, worth $600, in the STATE SONGS category. At the first break, Adriana led with $2,800, followed by Ty with $1,200, and Kelsey at -$200. Entering Double Jeopardy!, Adriana’s lead had extended to $7,000, with Ty at $2,800 and Kelsey at -$600.

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The category lineup for Double Jeopardy! included A HISTORY LESSON, MUSICAL INSTRUMENT RHYME TIME, SCIENTISTS, LABOR UNIONS, BOOK SEQUELS, and THE HUMAN RACE. Adriana continued to showcase her knowledge, adding $4,000 to her score with a correct response to the second Daily Double, worth $2,000, in the BOOK SEQUELS category. Ty, however, refused to back down and added $5,000 with his response to the third Daily Double, worth $1,600, in the LABOR UNION category. As a result, Ty narrowed the gap, entering Final Jeopardy! with $13,400, just shy of Adriana’s $16,200. Kelsey also remained in contention with $2,200.

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The Final Jeopardy! category, “2 LAST NAMES, SAME FIRST LETTER,” posed a challenging clue: “Born 344 years apart, they are the 2 real people mentioned by name in the titles of 1990s Best Picture Oscar winners.” Both Adriana and Ty provided the correct response, identifying the individuals as “Who Were Schindler and Shakespeare?” Adriana’s strategic wager of $10,800 solidified her victory, bringing her total winnings to $27,000 for the day and an impressive 14-day total of $326,000.

It is worth noting that, once again, the contestant in second place made a bold bet, risking their chance of winning if they answered incorrectly. The final scores reflected Adriana’s dominance, with $27,000, followed closely by Ty with $26,799, and Kelsey with $2,200.

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