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Jeopardy! Recap, Winner and Today’s Final Answer, Monday, March 11, 2024



Who Won Jeopardy!

In Monday’s Jeopardy!, we witnessed an intense competition between three talented contestants. Brian Henegar, a guest services agent from LaFollette, Tennessee; Troy Meyer, a music executive from Tampa, Florida; and Luigi de Guzman, an attorney from Arlington, Virginia, showcased their knowledge across various categories.

The game kicked off with rounds such as “Renaissance Women,” “Down in the Valley,” “On Wheels,” “Resistance is Futile,” “Dealing with TV Reality,” and “Enigmatic Anagrams.” Luigi got off to a strong start by doubling his score to 5,200 in the category “Down in the Valley.”

After the first break, the scores stood at Luigi leading with 8,800 points followed by Troy with 1,000 points and Brian trailing behind at 200 points. As Double Jeopardy commenced, new categories were introduced: “The Civil War,” “Behind the Music,” “Nature,” “It’s Curtains,” “World of Lit,” and “‘AI’.”

Troy began this round on fire and managed to secure an impressive lead by correctly answering the Daily Double question in “The Civil War” category. With his response regarding a future general helping drill a volunteer company in Galena, Illinois when the war started (General Grant), he doubled his score to 13,600.


As we approached Final Jeopardy!, Luigi had shown dominance during round one while Troy heated up in Double Jeopardy! His correct responses on both Daily Doubles solidified his position as the frontrunner heading into Final Jeopardy!, amassing an impressive total of 28,400 points. Luigi held second place with 18,600 points while Brian trailed behind at 6,200 points.

Final Jeopardy! brought us into the category of word origins – specifically discussing how Ludwig von Rochau coined a term for acts driven by practical reasons rather than ethics during an 1833 failed uprising in Germany. Unfortunately, none of the contestants were able to provide the correct response (What is Realpolitik?).

Despite not answering correctly in Final Jeopardy!, Troy’s substantial lead allowed him to secure victory even with a deduction of 8,801 points from his score. With a final total of 19,599 points, he advanced to the next round while Luigi ended with 1 point and Brian with 5 points.

It was an exhilarating episode that showcased the contestants’ diverse knowledge across various categories. Jeopardy! fans can look forward to future episodes filled with challenging questions and fierce competition.


Hey there! I'm Riley, the US TV Previews editor at I may have failed as a musician, but my love for Jeopardy knows no bounds. And let me tell you, The Wire is hands down the greatest TV show ever made. I've been writing about the entertainment biz since (mumble mumble). Stay tuned for all the latest TV news and previews!

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