‘Jeopardy!’ Secures Second Series: Fry’s Unique Hosting Style Grows on UK Viewers


The British version of the classic quiz show Jeopardy!, hosted by Stephen Fry, has been renewed for a second series, marking a successful adaptation of the long-running US format for UK audiences. The show’s unique presentation and pace initially received mixed reviews when it debuted in January 2024, with some viewers criticising its deviations from the original.

Airing on ITV, this iteration of Jeopardy! introduces several notable differences. The show has been extended to an hour, incorporating an extra round to heighten the stakes for contestants. Due to strict game show regulations in the UK, contestants earn points instead of money, with values ranging from £25 to £150 in the first two rounds and doubling in “Double Jeopardy.”

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However, the most discussed aspect of the series is Fry’s hosting style. Known for his digressions and thoughtful asides, Fry often adds his own commentary after answers, creating a slower pace than the brisk American original. This style has divided opinions, with some viewers appreciating the contemplative pace while others, accustomed to the faster pace of the US show, found it jarring.

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Despite the initial mixed response, the show has built a solid following, with 2.2 million viewers tuning into the debut episode. The first series consisted of 20 episodes, and the recent renewal indicates that Jeopardy! has found its footing with UK audiences, embracing Fry’s distinctive hosting approach.

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