Jeopardy! Thursday July 4, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Who Won Jeopardy! and Final Answer

In the patriotic spirit of Independence Day, Jeopardy! hosted three new contestants: Josh Martin, a corporate pilot from Springfield, Missouri; Christine Roberts, a digital marketing coordinator with roots in Holland, Pennsylvania; and Isaac Hirsch, a customer support team lead from Burbank, California. Isaac entered the game with a one-day champion status and winnings totaling $19,185.

The first round kicked off with the following categories: HISTORY, AMERICAN STYLE, SAME ROLE IN THE FRANCHISE, WORDS WITH SILENT CONSONANTS, HIT THE GRID-Y, and GAME-POURRI. The Daily Double, or DD1, was worth $600 and fell under the PLAY TIME category. TV’s “Hollywood Game Night” included an episode titled “50” of these “Grey,” challenging Isaac, who lost $3,400 on a true Daily Double. At the first break, the scores stood at Isaac with $800, Christine with $2,000, and Josh leading with $2,400.

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As the game progressed into Double Jeopardy!, new categories emerged: SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAPYRUS, 3 E’s ONLY, PACIFIC ISLANDS, LATIN MUSIC, KNOWN BY THEIR INITIALS, and WELL, WE’VE NEVER HAD THAT RESPONSE. Isaac demonstrated his knowledge and strategy by pulling ahead in the initial part of Double Jeopardy!, but Josh refused to be left behind, making a strong comeback with DD3 and setting the stage for a competitive final round. DD2 and DD3 were successfully tackled by Isaac and Josh, respectively.

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Final Jeopardy! posed a challenge in the TECH TALK category: In 1992, Jean Polly advised new web users to do what, later explaining that they “need some skill…never know if there are going to be sharks.” Isaac and Josh rose to the occasion, providing the correct response of “What is surf the web?” and concluding the game with a well-deserved victory for Isaac, who finished with a total score of $28,801 for a two-day winning streak of $47,986. Christine and Josh followed with final scores of $4,400 and $15,199, respectively.

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