Jeopardy! Thursday June 20, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Jeopardy Ken Jennings

On the Thursday June 20 episode of Jeopardy! the three contestants were: Jonquil Garrick-Reynolds, a theatrical wardrobe technician from Ottawa, Ontario; Bob Longstreth, a Superior Court judge from San Diego, California; and returning champion Drew Basile, a graduate student from Birmingham, Michigan, with one day winnings of $23,482.

The first round kicked off with the following categories: NAMED BY LIT LOVERS, SHORTENED WORDS, LET’S RUN THE NUMBERS, IT WAS ALL ORANGE, STEVIE WONDER, and SIR DUKE. In the first Daily Double, Jonquil took a risk and wagered $1,000 on a STEVIE WONDER clue, unfortunately answering incorrectly and dropping to $-800. At the first break, Drew led with $1,000, followed by Bob with $1,000, and Jonquil at $-800.

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Moving into Double Jeopardy!, the categories were HIT THE ROAD, JACQUES; MODERN PRODUCTS; BROADWAY’S OPENING NIGHT CASTS; MUSEUMS; BODY PARTS’ BETTER KNOWN NAMES; and YOU CAN’T SPELL… Drew demonstrated his knowledge and strategic thinking by correctly answering both Daily Doubles in this round. However, his wagers were on the milder side, keeping the game competitive. Heading into Final Jeopardy!, the scores were: Drew at $15,800, Jonquil at $10,400, and Bob at $8,600.

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The Final Jeopardy! category was AUTHORS’ WIVES, and the clue: “When asked if she was the inspiration for the wife in a 1922 novel, this woman replied, ‘No, she was much fatter.'” None of the contestants were able to identify the correct response for this obscure question relating to author James Joyce: “Who was Nora Barnacle (Nora Joyce)?” As a result, Drew dropped $6,000 from his score but still emerged as the winner with a final total of $9,800. Bob and Jonquil finished with $6,398 and $1,200, respectively.

With this victory, Drew Basile becomes a two-day champion, bringing his total winnings to an impressive $33,282.

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