Jeopardy! Tuesday June 18, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Jeopardy! Ken Jennings

The June 17, 2024, episode of Jeopardy! featured an exciting contest between three talented individuals: Colleen Matthews, a speech-language pathologist from Portland, Oregon; Mark Gagliardi, an actor and podcaster originally from Knoxville, Tennessee; and Adriana Harmeyer, an archivist from West Lafayette, Indiana, who entered the game with an impressive 14-day championship streak and total winnings of $326,000.

The first round presented categories such as Churches & Cathedrals, 3-Letter Nouns, U.S. Government, Entertaining Autobios, The Familiar Sum of Its Parts, and The Scandal of It All. A Daily Double question in the U.S. Government category stumped Mark, causing him to lose $2,200, while Adriana and Colleen took the lead with $1,600 and $2,400, respectively, at the first break.

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As the game progressed into Double Jeopardy!, the categories shifted to Place in History, Diamond Mining, Oscar-Winning Songs, Botany, By Lines, and “CC” Me. Colleen discovered two Daily Doubles but was unable to answer correctly, allowing Adriana to maintain a strong lead. Heading into Final Jeopardy!, Adriana held a significant advantage with $13,600, followed by Colleen with $10,600 and Mark with $7,200.

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The Final Jeopardy! category, Geographic Names Almost the Same, posed a challenging clue: “Legend says in 1876, a dragon built for the ‘Ring’ cycle had its neck sent to this Mideast capital, not the right German city.” Both Adriana and Colleen provided the correct response of “What is Beirut?” Adriana wagered strategically, adding $10,000 to her total and securing her 15th consecutive victory with a final score of $23,600. Colleen finished as the runner-up with a total of $14,600, while Mark placed third with $5,000.

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