Jeopardy! Tuesday June 25, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Jeopardy! Ken Jennings

In the Tuesday June 25 episode of Jeopardy!, three new contestants took center stage, each bringing their unique backgrounds and knowledge to the iconic game show. They were: Alan Elverum, a senior quality assurance administrator from Henderson, Nevada; Staci Garner, a dedicated teacher from Chicago, Illinois; and Drew Basile, a graduate student from Birmingham, Michigan, who entered the game with an impressive four-day championship streak and total winnings of $75,682.

The first round presented an intriguing mix of categories, including “Stars in the Making,” “A-Tattooed,” “Statues & Statutes,” “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?,” “Awards & Honors,” and “Sounds Like a Roman Numeral Quantity.” It was Alan who took an early lead, correctly responding to the Daily Double in the “A-Tattooed” category.

However, a incorrect response to his wager of $3,000 on a Tennessee Williams play set him back, and the first break saw Drew in the lead with $3,400, followed closely by Staci with $3,600, and Alan at $400.

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As the game progressed to Double Jeopardy!, the contestants were faced with new categories: “Literary Baddies,” “We Put It in Space,” “British Television,” “Lamb Chops,” “Kingdom,” and “Come.” Alan seized the opportunity to make a comeback, wagering successfully on the second Daily Double, worth $2,000, in the “We Put It in Space” category.

However, it was Drew who ultimately pulled ahead by the end of the round, answering the third Daily Double correctly and entering Final Jeopardy! with a substantial lead of $11,800. He was closely followed by Alan with $7,800 and Staci with $7,400, setting the stage for a tense final round.

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The Final Jeopardy! category, “National Monuments,” posed a challenging clue: “From its ramparts, you can see the mouth of the Patapsco River as it flows into the Chesapeake Bay.” Both Drew and Alan provided the correct response, identifying the monument as “What is Fort McHenry?”, with Drew strategically wagering $3,801 to secure his victory.

The final scores reflected Drew’s impressive performance, as he finished with $15,601, extending his championship streak to five days and accumulating total winnings of $91,283. Alan and Staci demonstrated their knowledge throughout the game, with final scores of $14,801 and $2,999, respectively.

Trivia fans may or may not know that Drew was a very erudite contestant on Survivor 45 where he placed sixth.

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