Jeopardy! Tuesday May 21, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Jeopardy Ken Jennings

In the Tuesday May 21 episode of Jeopardy!, three contestants brought their A-game to the iconic game show. Chris D’Amico, a verifications specialist from Lakewood, Ohio, went up against Sam Spar, a CPA with Burlington, Vermont roots, and Grant DeYoung, a four-day champion and grocery clerk from Prescott, Arizona, who boasted impressive total winnings of $81,203.

The categories in the initial round reflected a diverse range of topics, including “Here Comes the Son,” “The New York Times,” and “Expensive Graduation Gifts.” Grant, living up to his champion status, started strong by wagering $1,000 on the first Daily Double question in the “Perfectly Unbalanced” category, maintaining his lead with a score of $200. However, Chris quickly turned the game into a close contest, ending the first break with a substantial score of $2,200.

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As the game progressed into Double Jeopardy!, new categories such as “Band Books,” “19th Century Britain,” and “TV” kept the contestants on their toes. Grant, aiming to solidify his winning streak, wagered boldly on the second Daily Double question in the category “An Organization with Alliteration.” Unfortunately, his gamble didn’t pay off, as he dropped $4,000 from his score. Meanwhile, Chris seized the opportunity to surge ahead, ending Double Jeopardy! in first place with a score of $12,600.

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Heading into Final Jeopardy!, the contestants were neck and neck, with Grant in second place at $12,400 and Sam trailing closely behind with $3,400. The category for the final round was “The Movies,” and the clue was Louise & Lisa Burns, twins featured in this 1980 film, told a magazine, “we’re naturally spooky!”. All three contestants provided the correct response, identifying the movie as “What is The Shining?

In a strategic move, Chris wagered $12,500, securing his victory with a final score of $25,100. Grant finished as the runner-up with a total of $12,799, while Sam ended in third place with $5,399.

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