Jeopardy! Wednesday June 12, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Jeopardy! Ken Jennings

Today’s contestants on Jeopardy! were Enzo Cunanan, a student from Orlando, Florida; Connor Townsend, an attorney from Chelsea, Michigan; and Adriana Harmeyer, an archivist from West Lafayette, Indiana, and a ten-day champion with total winnings of $225,700.

The categories in the first round were THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF MATHEW BRADY, NATURE, REGIONAL FOOD, YOU’LL NEED SOME PROTECTION, NAME THE DISNEY PRINCESS, and “D.” The first Daily Double was in the NATURE category, with an $8000 question about the April 8, 2024, solar eclipse. Enzo Cunanan lost $1200 on this question, and the scores at the first break were Adriana Harmeyer at $3600, Connor Townsend at $800, and Enzo Cunanan at $2600.

Entering Double Jeopardy!, the scores were Adriana Harmeyer with $7600, Connor Townsend with $2000, and Enzo Cunanan with $4000. The categories in this round were RIVERS OF EUROPE, DREAMY SHAKESPEARE QUOTES, DON’T WANT TO FIGHT, GEMSTONES, NUMERICALLY NAMED MUSICIANS & BANDS, and VOWEL SWITCHEROO. The first Daily Double was in the DREAMY SHAKESPEARE QUOTES category, and Enzo Cunanan took the lead by adding $4000 to his total. The second Daily Double, in the RIVERS OF EUROPE category, was found by Adriana Harmeyer, who added $1000 to her score.

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Adriana Harmeyer faced a strong challenge from her opponents but managed to maintain her lead after the second Daily Double, entering Final Jeopardy! with $20,600. Enzo Cunanan was close behind with $16,400, and Connor Townsend had $9,600.

The Final Jeopardy! category was FAMOUS NAMES, and the clue involved an engineer admired for their ambition in creating large structures. Both Adriana Harmeyer and Enzo Cunanan answered correctly with “Who was Ferris?”, with Adriana adding $12,400 to her score, winning with a total of $33,000. This brings her eleven-day winnings to an impressive $258,700.

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The final scores were Adriana Harmeyer with $33,000, Connor Townsend with $7,000, and Enzo Cunanan with $31,400. The toughest category of the day was VOWEL SWITCHEROO, with three unanswered questions, including one about a “gentleman” from “The Glass Menagerie” and another about a room for Merlot lovers.

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