Jeopardy! Wednesday June 5, 2024, Recap, Winner and Final Answer

Who Won Jeopardy! and Final Answer

In the Wednesday June 5 episode of Jeopardy!, three new contestants took center stage, each bringing their unique backgrounds and knowledge to the game. Allee Mead, a writer from Grand Forks, North Dakota, Kyle Sorlie Titlow, a geographer from Washington, D.C., and Adriana Harmeyer, an archivist from West Lafayette, Indiana, all vied for victory. Returning champ Adriana has amassed winnings of $116,200 so far.

The first round kicked off with intriguing categories, including “Feeling the Buzz,” “Signs of the Zodiac,” “‘Gate’keeping,” “North American Geography,” “Pop Music,” and “The Real Red Tails.”

Allee Mead made an early strategic move by successfully finding the first Daily Double in the “Signs of the Zodiac” category. Wagering $1,200, she correctly identified the sign associated with the symbol of Ishtar or Persephone as Virgo, doubling her score to $2,400. This move set the tone for a competitive game.

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As the first round progressed, Adriana pulled ahead, showcasing her knowledge across various categories. Heading into the first break, she had accumulated $3,600, with Kyle and Allee close behind at $1,000 and $400, respectively.

The momentum continued into Double Jeopardy!, with categories such as “U.S. Rep. & Prez,” “Public Transportation,” “Alliterative Television Shows,” “Science Quiz,” “21st-Century Books,” and “City Slang.” Adriana further extended her lead by finding the second Daily Double in the “U.S. Rep. & Prez” category. Wagering wisely, she added $2,000 to her score, solidifying her position as the frontrunner.

However, it was the third Daily Double, found by Adriana again, that added a layer of intrigue to the game. Wagering $2,000 on the “Science Quiz” category, she provided the correct response, but a slight mispronunciation led to a lengthy discussion and review by the judges. Ultimately, she broke even on the wager, maintaining her substantial lead.

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As the episode neared its climax, Adriana had a commanding lead of $19,400, with Allee at $9,400 and Kyle at $2,400. The Final Jeopardy! category, “British Places,” posed the following clue: “This city owes much of its early history to a temple dedicated to Sulis Minerva and a ‘sacred spring’ found there.” All three contestants provided the correct response of “What is Bath?” Adriana added $500 to her total, securing her sixth consecutive victory with a final score of $19,900 and an impressive six-day total of $136,100.

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