John Walsh & Son Callahan to Host FOX “America’s Most Wanted” Reboot

John and Callahan Walsh join forces to co-host the return of America’s Most Wanted on FOX. The groundbreaking series empowers viewers to aid law enforcement in capturing dangerous fugitives and solving crimes.

John and Callahan Walsh Co-Host America’s Most Wanted

Founder of the highly acclaimed series, America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh will take to the screen once more to host the show which was pivotal in the capture of over 1,190 criminals after it was launched in 1988. His son, Callahan Walsh, will join him as co-host this season. Callahan is a child advocate for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The show will highlight the help viewers can provide in the capture of criminals and will air on FOX starting January 22 at 8:00pm.

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Walsh, who is also known for launching the series following the abduction and murder of his own son, Adam, is excited to bring the show back with the help of his eventful team of law enforcement experts. Walsh has this to say about the return, “It’s an incredible time for America’s Most Wanted to return to FOX, especially in partnership with my son Callahan to continue my lifetime’s work. I’m in constant awe over how instrumental our loyal viewers are in ensuring we get justice for victims and their loved ones, and today, they have entirely new tools at their disposal to help us fight back and quickly solve even more crimes.”

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The show will also be streamed on Hulu,, On Demand, and FOX Entertainment’s streaming platform, Tubi. Walsh’s is also the host of “In Pursuit with John Walsh,” which is currently in its fifth season. John and his wife Revé founded the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in 1984 after the kidnapping and murder of their first son, Adam. Together they have three more children and the couple remains active in fighting for victims’ rights and for justice on a national level.

Callahan, will also co-host “In Pursuit with John Walsh.”

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