Jon Stewart Returned to The Daily Show Monday May 20, Compares Trump to Mr. Magoo

Jon Stewart Returned to The Daily Show Monday May 20, Compares Trump to Mr. Magoo

Jon Stewart, returning to host The Daily Show on Monday, May 20, 2024, drew a comparison between former President Donald Trump and the fictional character Mr. Magoo as the hush money trial continues to unfold. Stewart’s commentary followed the conclusion of Michael Cohen’s testimony, in which he admitted to stealing from the Trump Organization.

Stewart said: “How lucky is Donald Trump? Donald Trump is like a corruption Mr. Magoo. He’s just stumbling around, quid pro quo-ing, metal beams falling all around him [and] gets out completely unscathed.”

Mr. Magoo, an elderly, wealthy retiree from the UPA animated series Mister Magoo, voiced by Jim Backus, is known for his comedic misadventures, always escaping unscathed through sheer luck.

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Stewart also criticized the media’s coverage of the trial, questioning their ability to responsibly report on Trump: “This trial will obviously be a test of the fairness of the American legal system, but it’s also a test of the media’s ability to cover Donald Trump in a responsible way. A task they have acknowledged they’ve performed poorly in the past.”

He further expressed dismay over the media’s focus on Trump’s facial expressions and the use of courtroom sketches: “Seriously, are we going to follow this guy to court every [day]?… It’s not a chase. He’s commuting… Why are you showing it to us? It’s a sketch… Why would anyone analyze a sketch? It’d be like looking at The Last Supper and going, ‘Why do you think Jesus looks so sad here?'”

Stewart also commented on the backlash received by Jerry Seinfeld during his promotional tour for Unfrosted, a Netflix film about Pop-Tarts. He questioned the intensity of the criticism directed at Seinfeld compared to other public figures.

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The Daily Show continues to be a platform for Stewart’s unique brand of political satire, and his return to the show comes at a pivotal time in the American political landscape.

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