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Josh Lawson to Play Hoges in Channel 7 Paul Hogan biopic



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Channel 7 have revealed the cast line up for their Paul Hogan biopic Hoges. Josh Lawson will play Hogan whilst Justine Clarke will play his first wife Noeline.

The mini-series, which is being by FremantleMedia Australia for the Seven network, will focus on his early years working as a labourer on the Sydney Harbour Bridge through to his breakthrough into television in the 1970s and the global fame of the Crocodile Dundee years.

Also in the cast are Ryan Corr as Hoges best friend and TV partner John Cornell, Laura Gordon as Linda Kozlowski, Nikki Osborn as Delvene Delaney, Sean Keenan as Young Paul and Marny Kennedy as Young Noelene.

Lawson was ebullient at the news saying “Paul Hogan has always been one of my heroes, so this role is as exciting as it is challenging. He’s such an iconic figure. Everyone loves Hoges and one of his great gifts was making audiences feel like we really knew him. But there’s so much of his life that many people don’t know about and I’m thrilled that I get to be a part of telling his incredible story. And to be able to make this back in my hometown of Brisbane just makes it all the more special for me.”

Meanwhile Justine Clarke said: “We all know parts of the Paul Hogan story, but there are many parts that I think will be a revelation for our audience. I’m pleased we’ll get to see his family life and how important that was to him and how much love and support was surrounding him. Often when we think of successful people it’s as a lone person but there are so many people who help lift them; that’s the story that I’m interested in.”

It’s starting to feel somewhat that the only quality drama being made in Australia is the pop culture biography. The familiarity of the subject tends to mean a decent audience too. Lawson does bear a superficial resemblance to Hoges and his story certainly contains enough highs and lows to keep us interested so hopefully there will be much to enjoy here.

Work on Hoges is currently under way in Queensland. Excecutive producers are Jo Porter for Fremantle and Julie McGauran for 7. The script is from Marieke Hardy and Keith Thompson.