“Judge Judy” and “Hot Bench” Secure Syndication Through 2025-26

Hot Bench Renewed

Judge Judy” and “Hot Bench”, the top two syndicated court shows, have been renewed through the 2025-2026 season, maintaining their presence in 95% of the country. The enduring popularity of these programs is evident in their significant market reach and substantial viewership, solidifying their positions in daytime television lineups.

Hot Bench,” produced by Judge Judy Sheindlin, stands as the second most-watched court show, attracting an average of two million daily viewers. The series features a panel of three judges, including Michael Corriero, Rachel Juarez, and Yodit Tewolde, who preside over small-claims cases. The show’s unique format, inspired by Sheindlin’s trip to Ireland, offers a fresh perspective on courtroom programming.

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Judge Judy,” hosted by Judith Sheindlin, boasts an impressive 6 million daily viewers, maintaining its status as the leading court show. The series concluded its original run in 2021 after 25 seasons, but its reruns continue to captivate audiences, drawing from a vast library of episodes.

The success of “Judge Judy” and “Hot Bench” is underscored by their combined market share, accounting for 67% of all minutes watched in the nationally syndicated court genre. This dominance has been recognized by Greg Guenther, senior VP of domestic sales for CBS Media Ventures, who praised the shows as a “powerful one-two punch.”

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The renewal of these court shows reflects the continued appeal of the genre and the loyalty of their audiences. With “Judge Judy” and “Hot Bench” retaining their strong positions in the market, viewers can anticipate more engaging courtroom drama and insightful judgments from the esteemed judges.

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